redefining fashion


Born from our unconformity of how things work and our need to make ourselves heard, to take our power in society and do something about the problems that we see.

Inspired by the 2022 Fashion Revolution Week’s call to action, we dare to question the idea we have of the clothes we wear. Our dream is to have a new reality, where our clothing is an open and sincere proclamation of the world in which we want to live. We want a fair world for all, meaning the workers we don’t see and the world’s natural resources.

We can’t solve all the problems in the fashion industry with more collections, but we can begin to open up the mindsets of others, catalyzing the change we want to see in our systems.

the collection

Our conceptualization tells the origin story of a garment, from the moment the raw material is extracted for its fibers, all the way to it reaching our hands.
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trashy couture

this is not trash

All garments used for both the “Capsule '22” collection and (Vínculo) the exhibition were salvaged from going to a local landfill. The “Espacio Recreado” studio works with Doña Gladis, a Guatemalan entrepreneur who owns a Second-Hand clothing business near Guatemala City.

Many of the pieces she buys are damaged, culturally irrelevant, or too big for people in her community, so she has no choice but to dispose of them, but in reality about 85% of all those pieces are in excellent or very good condition. 

The problem of excess second-hand clothing in Guatemala is revealing and alarming. We talk more in depth about this topic in #SeAbrioPaca, our documentary about the second-hand industry in the country and the Latin American region. 

unique garments

The Collective’s first collection is a demonstration of the power that a change of perspective can inspire. Clothing pieces classified as “garbage” were rescued by our team to tell the story of how each of them was made. This was to expose the effort, time and skill that is behind every seam, thread and fibre of the pieces.

Each piece within the collection is an individual expression of each step within the garment supply chain. Each garment is special and crucial for this story to be told. This is how we see each step of the chain: important and valuable.
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the minds


This collection unites the creative minds of Espacio Recreado, JP Espinoza and Discipuloh, who are active members of Fashion Revolution Guatemala. Individually, each one of them looks to design and create in a conscious, responsible way that helps us to annunciate the problems of inequality, oppression and exploitation of natural resources that the industry has.

We believe that only by questioning ourselves is how we can really understand how we can renew our thoughts and values to give a new shape to the reality we live in. We are designers, citizens, rebels with a clear and strong cause. MSH Collective is how together we start to create the change we want to be in our industry, our community, our reality, our world.