redefining fashion, money and power through design, art and upcycling

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Called to action by this year's #FashionRevolutionWeek we decided to organize an artivism activation disguised as a commercial brand launch.

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constructed lies

consciously inducing unconsciousness

(Vínculo), which directly translates to "link", was a space organized by the Fashion Revolution Guatemala team, where we pushed ourselves to redefine our perspectives on and understand the links between: money, fashion and power from our roles as creators and consumers. We put together an artivist exhibition around these concepts, we created msh.co, crafted an original song with these concepts and coordinated an intervention in the middle of a catwalk, where the models revealed our deep messages through the designs of our upcycled garments.
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in Guatemala

From the organization of (Vínculo), Cápsula '22 was born: a journey through the process of creating the clothes we all wear. Knowing about all the work and impact that lies behind our garments is crucial to understand the true value of each and every single piece. We elaborated our collection out of excess pieces from a local second-hand clothing shop, turning their "trash" into an aesthetic, intellectual and challenging collection encapsulated in 10 looks, composed of 30 unique pieces, reimagined and transformed in Guatemala.
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the minds

behind msh.co

We are designers, citizens, rebels with a cause. We see how everything is connected, how our thoughts and values shape the reality we live in. MSH Collective was born from our unconformity of how things work and our need to make ourselves heard, to take our power in society and do something about the problems we see.
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